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The Angel eye is delivered including installation instructions.


Product Description


- The Angel eye red is a set consisting of:

     ● 1 Bi-Xenon Angel eye with a HID Xenon Lamp 6000K.

     ● 1 CCFL inverter.

     ● 1 AC ballast H4 Slim.

     ● 1 Large and small light wire harness.


- The light output of the Bi-Xenon Angel eye with the Xenon function is 3 times higher than that of a halogen headlight that is standard in a scooter.


- In addition to the Xenon function, the Bi-Xenon Angel eye also has a large and small light function.


- The Bi-Xenon Angel eye lasts 5 times longer than a halogen headlight.


- The Bi-Xenon Angel eye can be mounted on various scooter models.


- The Bi-Xenon Angel eye can NOT be installed on the Vespa S and Vespa LX V.